Kitchen Design

“Styles come and go. Good design is a language, not a style” – Massimo Vignelli

A poorly designed kitchen could be the downfall of your kitchen, as Massimo Vignelli once said ‘Styles come and go. Good design is a language, not a style’. This is part of the Mainland Catering design ethos, we bring practicality and functionality to the table with added elegance. The practicality of the commercial kitchen is the essence, as Mainland Catering Equipment have a deep and profound understanding of how a commercial kitchen is run, it gives us a unique insight into kitchen design whilst keeping up with current trends. 

The first question you may ask yourself is ‘where can I buy commercial kitchen equipment?’. The answer is simple – Mainland Catering. However one of the first considerations is the physical space of your kitchen, Mainland Catering offer design solutions to kitchens of any shape and size. Many other commercial kitchen equipment retailers do not offer bespoke stainless steel fabrications, which is what gives Mainland Catering the freedom to work with any space, shape and size as we can offer bespoke stainless steel solutions to your space.

The other critical factor to consider is your ventilation requirements, proper ventilation and extraction system design is absolutely critical to the effective running of any commercial kitchen, and without which could result in extreme consequences. Ventilation design is critical to any commercial kitchen as without it the operator’s health can be put at a serious risk, potentially resulting in death. Operating a commercial kitchen without proper extraction and ventilation is illegal and could even lead to you being prosecuted or your establishment closed. Depending upon your location and gaseous output you may be require to obtain planning permission from your local council, depending on the style of system most suitable to your operation. It must be remembered that correct maintenance of your extraction system in terms of cleaning and servicing is undertaken properly, as this could lead to dangerous outcomes i.e. fires.

The final factor is the actual commercial kitchen equipment, as Mainland Catering collectively have over 25 years of experience in the industry we have thought about the usability and workability of you the operator using your kitchen. Some of our staff have worked as chefs and this gives Mainland Catering a unique edge and understanding of your needs. Our design team work tirelessly to ensure that the end user of the commercial kitchen equipment has the easiest and best possible experience when working in your kitchen.  Mainland Catering Equipment supply the leading brands in the UK to create a beautiful, practical and industry standard, including: Panasonic, Blizzard, Lincat, Gozney, Jura and many more; take a look at our Brands page for more information. Not only do Mainland Catering offer a full design and installation service, we are happy to work with clients on an additional basis, we are able to provide advice and guidance where necessary including recommendations for deep cleaning services and additional items. We also curate a dedicated social media following and often run competitions and collaborations on a national basis with our clients, head to Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn for more info.


During 2019 Mainland Catering have been proud to have been involved in refurbishing the commercial kitchen facilities at Homebaked, Anfield. Homebaked is a bakery and community land trust situated on the border of Liverpool suburbs Anfield and Everton, facing the Premier League football club, Liverpool FC.

Homebaked began in 2010 as a project following on from the closure of the famed match day pie shop ‘Mitchells’ after the area was undergoing gentrification loosing over 1800 homes and spaces for work combined. Homebaked Co-Operative was then established in 2012 with the aim of providing a space for the local community for social enterprise business and affordable housing. Through cooking up delicious match day treats in their kitchen they have stood in the face of adversity and become a much stronger community. In the commercial kitchen at Homebaked they don’t just bake pies, they bake award winning pies in 2017 taking home the coveted Gold award in the National pie awards for the regional pie class.

The story of Homebaked is one of a community banding together to create a hub, they are a social enterprise with all the profits being re-injected into the company creating jobs and opportunities for everyone in the local area, through a shared love of baked goods. Mainland Catering are extremely proud to have been involved in such a project.

This year, after a refurbishment of the commercial kitchen, we are proud to announce that Homebaked took home the Social Enterprise UK Transformative Community Business Award in the UK Social Enterprise awards, a prestigious award and extremely big achievement with a small amount of help from Mainland Catering Equipment and their newly improved commercial kitchen.