Meet The Team

John and Andy

John and Andy are just two mates from Rossendale, they set up Mainland Catering Equipment in 1997. Both are passionate about food and business, which can be clearly seen through the dedication they both have to toe company, starting off small and growing into what we are today. Andy is passionate about football and is an avid Blackburn Rovers supporter, John is an avid collector of vintage scooters, both have worked extremely hard to achieve all they have to date.

Once Mainland Catering Equipment consisted of one small industrial unit. Now, Mainland Catering Equipment has grown and developed to have a working factory where the stainless steel fabrication and welding is done, several offices and over 10,000 square feet of storage containing second hand catering equipment, with a small but dedicated team of staff.


Chris is the head of design and now a partner in the company.  Chris joined the company in _________ and has proven to be a vital asset to the team, through his far-reaching knowledge and CAD design skills and business acumen. He was made a partner of the company in _________. Chris is a dedicated member of the Mainland Team and he works tirelessly in all areas of the UK.

The ‘Lads’

One exceptional element of Mainland Catering Equipment is that we have a fully functioning stainless steel fabrication workshop, this sets Mainland apart from our competitors because we can fabricate stainless steel features to any requirement or sizes. The team in the fabrication workshop is led by Shaun who has been a part of the team at Mainland since he left school. The fab shop is an extremely busy place, but the colleagues in there are always the most helpful and are extremely talented in producing stainless steel furniture to the highest standard. Our skilled sheet metal workers and fabricators work around the clock to meet tight deadlines and exceed timescales to ensure all jobs are completed efficiently. Customer service being essential, our fitters will complete the job to an excellent standard. Mainland Catering Equipment pride themselves on their fabrication and we have had a great success historically with taking on apprentices. There may be opportunities to gain an apprenticeship with us in welding and fabrication in the future, please contact us to find out more.

The Office

Mainland Catering have a small but dedicated team of office staff, Sally is the office manager and is often the first port of call for many of our clients, she has been at Mainland for over 15 years and she has been a vital asset to the company. Lucy is head of purchasing and her pleasant and sunny demeanour are a true credit to her, many of our suppliers have developed relationships with Lucy during her years at Mainland Catering Equipment. Lucy undertook her business administration apprenticeship with Mainland and has also been a vital asset to the team.

Eve and Kacey

Eve is the junior CAD designer and has spent the past year working very hard to learn and develop her design skills, she has also been in attendance at many site meetings and surveys. Eve has also begun to bring Mainland Catering Equipment into the 21st century and is our first ever social media manager which has had a great success so far, with the introduction of several posts a week across Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. She has implemented a scheme of regular competitions in which we collaborate with our clients and offer vouchers for meals, hotel stays and other prizes, head over to our social media pages to get involved.

Kacey has been in and out of the office on a part-time basis so far, but she is due to begin her business administration apprenticeship this year. She is an extremely kind and hardworking individual and we are excited to welcome her to the team with open arms. Kacey will be joining Eve in her office in September alongside attending college and completing her course work, while assisting Eve with her duties.