Kitchen Design

The first question you may ask yourself is ‘where can I buy commercial kitchen equipment?’. The answer is simple – Mainland Catering. However one of the first considerations is the physical space of your kitchen, Mainland Catering offer design solutions to kitchens of any shape and size. Many other commercial kitchen equipment retailers do not offer bespoke stainless steel fabrications, which is what gives Mainland Catering the freedom to work with any space, shape and size as we can offer bespoke stainless steel solutions to your space.

The other critical factor to consider is your ventilation requirements, proper ventilation and extraction system design is absolutely critical to the effective running of any commercial kitchen, and without which could result in extreme consequences. Ventilation design is critical to any commercial kitchen as without it the operator’s health can be put at a serious risk, potentially resulting in death. Operating a commercial kitchen without proper extraction and ventilation is illegal and could even lead to you being prosecuted legally. Depending upon your location and gaseous output you may be require to obtain planning permission from your local council, depending on the style of system most suitable to your operation. It must be remembered that correct maintenance of your extraction system in terms of cleaning and servicing is undertaken properly, as this could lead to dangerous outcomes i.e. fires.

The final factor is the actual commercial kitchen equipment, as Mainland Catering collectively have over 25 years of experience in the industry we have thought about the usability and workability of you the operator using your kitchen. Some of our staff have worked as chefs and this gives Mainland Catering a unique edge and understanding of your needs. Our design team work tirelessly to ensure that the end user of the commercial kitchen equipment has the easiest and best possible experience when working in your kitchen.