Sustainability & Reconditioning

With the media saturated with the doom and gloom of ever growing concerns about the environment, sustainability and climate change, Mainland Catering Equipment have a commitment to sustainability. For many years now we have been proud to have a dedicated team of engineers who recondition and refurbish a vast range of second hand catering equipment. Mainland Catering are also aware of the costs of setting up a new business or even improving an existing business, as we have the capacity to offer a full reconditioning and refurbishment service, we can assess your existing kitchen equipment re-using and reconditioning where it is possible. Having this flexibility it allows us to cater to budgets of all sizes. As we have been doing this for many years now we are confident that reducing, re-using and recycling catering equipment is the way forward.

In terms of sustainability alongside our vast range of second hand catering equipment we are also suppliers of new catering equipment of many of the top brands in the UK. As we have an awareness of the high cost of utility bills, we are in a position to advise you on the costs incurred when using equipment in your establishment. For example, gas appliances have been the market leaders for many years now, due to the level of control the operator has in terms of temperature. However as technology is moving along rapidly now, many of our clients are going for completely electric options for their commercial kitchens, which is a much more environmentally friendly and sustainable method of power, and electric options are now rivalling the traditional natural gas options.