Ventilation design in a commercial kitchen is a vital part of the functionality of the kitchen and without it you may be breaking laws. Mainland Catering Equipment offers a full ventilation design service to assist you in the functionality and safety of your commercial kitchen. Well-designed ventilation and extraction systems will keep your commercial kitchen at a workable temperature and allow fumes to be extracted completely.

Your ventilation design is always specific to the equipment used within the cookline of your kitchen and fan components are calculated to your specific requirements. Good ventilation and extraction system design will take into account not only your kitchen but the outside environment too, inclusive of odour and sound abatement techniques. Sound and odour abatement issues don’t always arise in more rural settings, however knowledge of your local council legislation is necessary as Environmental Health Officers will visit your site and check your kitchen and it’s output are all within regulations. It is critical to remember that proper maintenance and cleaning protocols should be adhered to in terms of your extraction system as if not undertaken can lead to extremely severe consequences. For example, if there is a run of ducting which is not properly cleaned out fat deposits can arise which could lead to potential fire hazards.